We are both a medicines and health products consultancy company, and an entity that undertakes, on contract, the work of a regulatory pharmacist and duties that accrue to manufacturing and wholesale pharmacies.

When we act in a consultancy / advisory capacity, our services are subject to the following conditions:

  • We do not act on behalf of the client, the client must consider our advice and decide on its course of action.
  • The client must provide us with complete information – our advice will be limited by the nature and extent of the information provided to us. We are comfortable to sign non-disclosure agreements, should that be required by clients.
  • We are not in consistent contact with all clients, so any action undertaken by a client in-between contacts are at such client’s own discretion and risk. It is recommended that, if an action relates to advice previously provided by us, clients confirm with us their proposed course of action.
  • Clients accept full responsibility for any and all outcomes relating to advice provided, whether on an ad hoc or in a project format.
  • Disclaimer: We endeavour to provide the best possible service based on the information available to us at any point in time. Clients, by accepting our services, acknowledge that our services are limited by such information and our views and experiences on matters. We may also differ from a client, or a client’s other contractors or -advisors’ views and will express this, but will carry out instructions issued by clients to the best of our ability.

Our work is protected by intelectual property law. In the event of uncertainty as to the further use or distribution thereof, please contact us.